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How to host the ULTIMATE home movie night

So, it’s officially happened. The nights are getting longer, the leaves are falling, and the temperature is dropping. But do you know what? We don’t even care! We’re looking forward to snuggling up on the sofa with a blanket, dimming the lights and watching our fave flicks with our amigos. Netflix might be taking over the world, but you still can’t beat a good feature length film, especially from the comfort of your own home. It’s a night at the movies with no queues, no annoying packet rustlers and nobody sucking face in the back row – ewww.

Check out our guide to making it the best movie night ever. Somebody press play…

1. Choose your movie night ‘cast’

Watching a movie alone is never the same. Besides, you need somebody else to blame when the popcorn mysteriously vanishes. Again. Get your homegirls over for a chick-flick (make sure somebody brings the tissues for when it all gets too emosh), pick an LMAO side-splitter to share with bae, or coordinate diaries with the fam for that big blockbuster release.

Girl friends watching a movie together

2. Select your movie wisely

Your night will live or die on the strength of your selection. As well as picking a killer flick, you need to make sure you pair it appropriately with your sofa-buddies (see choose your cast above). Our must-see movies this year are as follows. Drum roll please…

  • What Men Want. A strong female lead, a good love story, and just a sprinkle of surreal, put this sassy gender-flip remake at the top of our list for 2019. Taraji P. Henson acquires the ability to hear men’s thoughts after a psychic gives her some special tea, with both funny and feminist results.
  • Long Shot. It’s got our favourite slacker-dude Seth Rogen. It’s got the living goddess that is Charlize Theron. They get together (she’s running for president, he’s her speechwriter) and all the funny, fuzzy, less than ripped guys out there are given hope that they will one day bag a Charlize.  
  • Aladdin. Ok, Will Smith is no Robin Williams, but this Disney remake is colourful, entertaining and genuinely funny. It’s more like an IRL tribute to the 1993 animation than a whole new world (see what we did there?) and we’re glad – if it ain’t broke…

3. Sort your movie night seating

When the lights go down, your guests are going to want to get comfy. If you don’t have enough chairs for everybody, turn your floor into the kingdom of cosy, with throws, cushions, beanbags and rugs – nobody is too old for a blanket fort. Plus, you need pillows to hide behind when Pennywise pops up on screen (killer clowns = never not scary).

4. Throw some shade

The cinema wouldn’t be the same if the lights were on full during the film would it? So, make sure you create a mood and dip them down low for your home movie night too. You’ll need a little light so you can locate the popcorn bowl though. Candles can be a bit risky when there are so many blankets around. Especially when you’re seriously distracted by Zac Efron’s rock-hard abs, but well-placed fairy-lights will cast that perfect magical glow without presenting a fire hazard!

5. Bring good snack game

Let’s be honest, half the fun of the cinema is the munchies. But who wants to pay ££££ for a tiny tub of pick n’ mix, when you can pull together a snack smorgasbord for half the price at home?! If you’re a chocolate lover, this fondue set is great for cinema night sharesies (chocolate won’t judge you for those relaxy pants). Popcorn may be a cliché, but who cares? A movie night without popcorn is like Kanye without Kim! Freshly made kicks shop-bought’s ass. This retro popcorn maker pumps out hot, fluffy popcorn in minutes. Serve those delicious kernels in this cute flicks and chill bucket. Make more popcorn than you think you could ever possibly eat. Trust us. It will all go. Om nom nom.

6. Beverages = also very important

Whether you’re about the hot chocolates, the cocktails or pop, you’ll need a selection of drinks (all those snacks are thirsty work!). If you’re going alcoholic, we suggest a ban on red wine – the spillage risk is just too high. We prefer a refreshing, stain-free G & T. This super-sized glass means you won’t have to keep pausing the feature to refill, even during those 3-hour plus run-time epics (#winningatlife).

7. Set up some post-movie games

Once the main event is over, you might like to round your Oscar-worthy partay off with a game or two. This Blockbuster quiz will test even film-buffs. Packaged in a retro video shaped box, just like you used to rent pre-streaming, it’s a fun dose of 90s nostalgia.  

Sat around playing the Blockbuster game

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