It’s World Tetris™ Day and we’re celebrating in style

Oh Tetris™. How we love you. We’ve lost count of the number of hours we’ve spent lining up your colourful blocks and yet we still keep coming back for more.

Happy birthday Tetris™!

June 6th is one of our favourite days of the year – that’s right folks – it’s World Tetris™ Day! Our fave game is celebrating 37 years since it made its debut and it’s aging better than Nicole Kidman (and that’s saying something). Since its creation in 1984 by gaming genius, Alexey Pajitnov it has gone from strength to strength. Available on just about every system, from smart phones to the latest consoles, it’s estimated that it has been played by more than a billion people worldwide (that’s a lot of people!)

One game to rule them all

The grandaddy of puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga, Tetris™ is an instantly accessible game that you can jump into for short bursts, or long playthroughs, it’s something that anybody can play, regardless of age or nationality. While the mechanic is simple (rotate the falling Tetriminos to form lines), the addition of increasing speed as you progress, adds a degree of tension that’s insanely addictive.

Why do we love Tetris™ so much?

According to Dr Tom Stafford from the University of Sheffield, the enduring appeal of the game is down to our human compulsion to tidy up. It’s a “pure game,” he says, one with “no social or physical consequence.” Pajitnov, the game’s creator seems to agree. He says “we have an inherent desire to create order out of chaos, and Tetris™ satisfies that need on a very basic level.”

All we know is that it makes us feel good! It’s a timeless game with an iconic look that we will always hold close to our hearts, and we for one, will be dedicating a good few hours on June 6th, to playing our favourite game.

Show your appreciation with some official Tetris™ swag

To celebrate Tetris’™ special day, we’ve launched a range of amazing Tetris™ merch, that will satisfy even the most hardcore fans. Enjoy!

Tetris™ Hoodies & T-shirts

If you belong to the Tetris™ tribe, let the world know with some awesome threads featuring the iconic logo. We love this cosy Tetris Hoodie with a colourful tetrimino design. A unisex design that’s available in black, white and grey, it’ll be top of our Christmas list this year. If you fancy something in a more subtle colourway, this Colour Pop Hoodie features a double Tetris™ logo in black, white and blue and makes us happy just looking at it. Or how about this Throwback Design T-shirt for a real slice of retro? Takes us straight back to the 80s.

Tetris™ Phone Covers

Chances are you probably play a fair bit of Tetris™ on your phone, so why not show your love for the fiendishly addictive game with a colourful Tetris™ phone cover? This Multi-coloured Phone Case is suitable for the Samsung S20 and will bring a real pop of brightness to your day. We love this 3D Design for ourselves (hint, hint) and this striking Neon Design Case manages to be both fun and stylish (both for Samsung as well).

Tetris™ Watch Straps

A Tetris™ strap on an Apple Watch is the perfect marriage of retro and contemporary tech. This colourful Tetrimino Design Apple Watch Strap has an upmarket feel with hand-stitching on premium faux leather. This Colour Fade Apple Watch Strap is full 80s vibe (we’re coming over all Stranger Things), and this White Apple Watch Strap makes us want to play a game of Tetris™ right now…now where’s that console?

Happy World Tetris™ Day! Here’s to many more years with the best game EVER.