No gym? No problem. 8 of the best fitness apps that you don’t need a gym membership to use

With lockdown after lockdown over the last year and gyms and fitness studios closing their doors, working out from home has been having as much of a moment as working from home (seriously, our kitchen floor has never seen so much action).

While things may be starting to open up and a return to some kind of normality looks to be on the cards, we’re kinda sold on the benefits of getting our sweat on in our own space. No getting up super early to make that class schedule. No queuing for the cross-trainer. Nobody else’s sweaty feet (enough said).

And the thing is, working out at home isn’t a second-best option anymore. Fitness apps are getting good (like, really good), with tons of fun workouts, awesome trainers, and special features that are low-level addictive, your phone might actually be the best thing that ever happened to your body.

It’s hard to know where to start though because there are A LOT of apps out there. That’s why we’ve sifted through the best fitness apps for you, and pulled together a list of our faves, plus some cute accessories to make an upgraded workout experience for you (you’re welcome).

1) Best for social lovers – Strava

There’s a reason Strava is the number one app for runners and cyclists, and it’s not because it allows users to obsessively record their activity, it’s because of its social features. You can share your runs or rides with a massive community of Strava users, congratulate friends on their effort, or compete with them. It’s super easy to get started on and a lot of the features are part of the free offering – win!

Download from App Store and Google Play / Free, premium £5.99 a month 

2) Best yoga fitness app – Asana Rebel

Those of you who get your chaturanga on regularly, will know that yoga isn’t just a chill session – it can be a serious workout. The flows on Asana Rebel will have you breaking a sweat every time, so if you’re after the mind/body benefits of yoga combined with weight loss potential, this is the one for you. It’s not just workouts either. You’ll find sleep music, meditations, recipes and nutrition advice. You’re going to want a new mat (or two) to make sure your downward dog is on point for this one. How about this Navajo Yoga Mat for the most stylish flow in town? Or this on trend Terrazzo bad boy? Enjoy!

Download from App Store and Google Play / Free to download then from £31 for three months

3) Best for fitness classes – Fiit

There’s a ton of apps out there promising the gym class experience in your home, but Fiit is the best fitness app IOHO. You can select your classes on duration, type (strength, cardio or rebalance which covers yoga and pilates), difficulty level, and the body part you’re trying to target (all the peachy buns for us please). The videos are top notch, and the trainers are really motivational. We love.  

Download from App Store and Google Play / £19.99 a month, £44.99 a quarter, £119.99 a year

4) Best for if you’re in a rush – Johnson & Johnson 7-minute workout

Short on time? Who isn’t these days? These crazy-efficient workouts have been designed by Chris Jordan, Director of Exercise Physiology at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute (sounds impressive to us). They’ve been designed to be done anytime, anywhere in just 7 minutes. The app’s been downloaded more than 3 million times and for good reason. You can log your workouts, do different numbers of circuits depending how much time you’ve got, and control the music. It’s like having a personal trainer in the palm of your hand.

Download from App Store and Google Play / Free

5) Best for calorie counting – My Fitness Pal

If you’re trying to lose a few pounds as well as get fit, you’ll have to make some positive changes to your diet as well as your exercise regime. MyFitnessPal is the queen of all calorie-counting apps, with an insanely comprehensive database of foods. It recommends a calorie intake based on your own personal goals and activity levels and gives a suggested breakdown of macros for optimum nutrition every day. Simples.

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free, premium £7.99 a month

6) Best all-round yoga app – Glo

Glo is a gorgeous minimalist app with a really extensive collection of yoga tutorials (over 3,700!), videos and meditations with almost 50 different teachers. The sheer volume of classes might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but the platform suggests classes for you to try and there are useful filters like level, duration and props. It’s a great app whatever level you’re at, or area of interest you have. Want to sleep better? There’s a flow for you. Want to use essential oils in your practice? No problems. Talking of essential oils, this Om Oil Burner would complement your Glo classes perfectly. Shaped like a yoga mudra, just place a tea light inside and your favourite essential oil in the palm, for lovely smells to help you relax. Want to back up the good work you’re doing on the app? These 30-Day Yoga Challenge cards give detailed guidelines on a series of poses and will improve your practice in just a month.

Download from App Store and Google Play / Free to download, then £21.49 per month after free trial.

7) Best for if you’re missing the gym – Les Mills on Demand

You may not know the name Les Mills, but chances are you’ve done some of the company’s workouts. Lots of the most popular group classes offered by the big gyms, like BODYPUMP and BODYCOMBAT are designed by Les Mills. The app features over 1,000 (yes 1,000!) workouts of a variety of durations. You do need some of LM’s equipment for some of the classes, which can be £££, but there are tons of equipment-free workouts too. If you fancy a workout day off the app, these cute as a button Character Workout Cards are total perfection. Featuring quirky animal characters demonstrating classic fitness moves that really get results, they bring a touch of fun to the home gym party.

Download from App Store and Google Play | £11.95 a month, £28.70 a quarter, £95.69 a year

8) Best for mind and body – FWFG (Find What Feels Good)

If you’ve done a bit of yoga before, you’ve probs already chanced across Adriene Mishler (of Yoga with Adriene fame). Queen of at home yogis, Adriene really hits the mark if you’re looking for something that challenges your body and feeds your soul at the same time. She’s funny, kind and comforting, and this app is the perfect step up from the free content she releases on YouTube. We love the way she bundles classes together around different themes like creativity or pregnancy and there’s a ton of content. The 30 days of Yoga challenge is a great place to start if you’re a yoga newbie. Set the mindful scene with a matching gratitude meditation routine, with these Gratitude 30-day Challenge Cards. And this positive message Big Hug Reed Diffuser, will have your living room feeling like a boutique yoga studio in a heartbeat.

Download from App Store and Google Play. Free to download and £7.99 per month after.

Remember, there’s no gain without a little pain guys – let’s get our sweat on!