The Rise of Retro – Our Ultimate Retro Gift Guide

From the vinyl comeback and the board game boom to the return of vintage video games, retro is having a real moment. Whether it’s digital fatigue, Covid escapism, or just a desire to return to simpler times, we’re totes on board with the collective trip down memory lane. In the spirit of shared nostalgia, we’ve pulled together our ultimate retro gift guide. Delight your loved ones with a perfect slice of vintage cultural kitsch from their fave era.

Retro 70s Gifts

Those of us who grew up in the 70s, know it was the grooviest time to be alive. Period. Disco ruled, we all had bowl cuts, summers went on forever and NOBODY was cooler than the Fonz. 2021 could learn a lot from the 70s.

The 70s was also a ground-breaking era for film, with Star Wars, Alien and the Godfather topping the billboards. But the movie that probably defines the 70s above all for us, is none other than Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic, Jaws. Despite almost no special effects, and only seeing the shark for a few minutes at the end, an entire generation were put off ever getting in the water again. Nothing was more joyously terrifying. Take your friends and family back to Amityville with some classic Jaws memorabilia. This killer Jaws Art Print features one of the most iconic images in movie history – perfect for giving their walls that vintage vibe. It might not be safe to go back in the water, but at least they can drink it in style with this insulated Jaws Water Bottle, and this Funkoverse Jaws Strategy Game is a modern take on the classic movie.

One of our favourite artists of all time, David Bowie, had more style eras than we’ve had hot dinners. Easily the best Bowie though, is surely his 70s alter ego, Ziggy Stardust. Eyeliner, skin-tight outfits and the trademark lightning bolt across his eye as well as some of the best music of his career (hello Life on Mars?) This stylish Bowie Mug and Coaster in a Tin, with artwork from the 1973 album Aladdin Sane, are a dream gift for any lover of the late, great artist. The Where’s Bowie? Book, will keep Bowie fans entertained for hours, as they search for the Thin White Duke in Berlin, Studio 54, Outer Space and more. Or what about this Bowie Colouring Book by Michael Allred, for the surprising, yet somehow satisfying combo of colouring and rock n’ roll?

While the Rolling Stones have been around since the 60s (and despite the sad loss of drummer Charlie Watts) are still touring even now (just how?), their creative peak was arguably in the 70s, with the release of their studio masterpieces, “Sticky Fingers” and “Exile on Main St.” We’ve got a lot of love for the classic rockers and their iconic lips logo and this Rolling Stones Lips Oval Mug is top of our Xmas list. If you fancy throwing in this Warholesque Lips Art Print or this striking Rolling Stones Doormat as well, we wouldn’t complain (just saying).

Retro 80s gifts

Ok so we’re going to put it out there – IOHO the 80s was the best decade EVER. Video games went mainstream, music videos took over our screens and some of the best movies of all time were released. It was a time when neon scrunchies were totally acceptable, everyone who was anyone had a Walkman, and Top of the Pops was the highlight of our week – what’s not to love?

It’s hard to pick favourites from the list of classic 80s movies, but Spielberg’s E.T the Extra-Terrestrial has to be up there. That adorable little alien has been making us weepy since he captured our hearts back in 1982 and we still can’t get enough of him. This adorable ET Sound Keyring is just what we’ve been looking for (as well as our keys, so two problems solved there). Featuring the classic phrase “ET phone home” it’ll make you smile every time you reach into your bag. This beautiful Art Print of the bicycle scene gives us goosebumps every time we look at it and this ET Shaped Mug and Jigsaw Puzzle Set is the ultimate gift for fans of the classic movie.

If we’re talking stone-cold 80s classics, we’ve got to take a moment for Back to the Future. With the best blockbuster script, super-charismatic dual leads (god, we love the Doc), the era-defining classic had us rushing out to stock up on body-warmers and skateboards faster than you can say “1.21 gigawatts!” Keep Marty and the Doc in your own home, with this awesome Funko Pop Doc Figurine. Make like BTTF 2 with this unique Hoverboard Doormat, perfect for welcoming your guests to your humble home, and make time travel possible (time travel not actually guaranteed) with this Flux Capacitor Heat Changing Mug – Great Scott!

Retro 90s gifts

Britpop, Trainspotting, Geri Halliwell in that Union Jack dress, Leonardo painting Kate Winslet like one of his French girls. The 90s was a cultural treasure trove and one that we’re happy to continue mining. Yes, we may have had bad highlights and our eyebrows still haven’t recovered from the insane amount of plucking, but it was a heck of a time and we’re up for 90s nostalgia in all its forms.

Nirvana were possibly the most iconic international band of the era, with tortured frontman Kurt Cobain epitomising grunge-cool. This Nirvana Maxi Poster takes us back to the bedrooms of our teenage years and this Nirvana Mug and Coaster in a Tin are exactly what we’re looking for now that you’re more likely to find us on the sofa with a packet of hobnobs than in a mosh-pit. Talking of posters, no 90s student digs were complete without some wall art from Tarantino’s cult movie, Pulp Fiction. This Pulp Fiction Twist Contest Poster takes us straight to the dancefloor of the World-Famous Jack Rabbit Slim’s with Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace and this Big Kahuna Burger Coffee Mug recalls Samuel L Jackson’s “tasty burger” in a way that we find deeply pleasing.

Enjoy your trip down memory lane guys and remember – a retro gift is never out of fashion.