8 of the Best Gifts for Music Lovers

Let’s face it, finding gifts that hit the mark can be tough. One way to make it a little bit easier is to tap into a specific hobby or interest of theirs. Once you’ve figured out their passions, the list of options is shorter, and you know you’re on the right track. Maybe yoga’s their newest passion, or they’re super into crafting. But if they really love their tunes, a music-themed gift will totally be their jam.

That’s why we’ve done the research and put together a lovely little list of some of the best presents out there for your music-obsessed friend. From headphones and music-themed homeware to wall art and mugs, shopping for gifts for music lovers just got a little bit easier!

1) Nirvana maxi poster

It’s been over 30 years since Nirvana released their killer debut album, Bleach (June 15, 1989) and we’re still just as into them as we were back then. With their powerful punk-influenced sound, angst-ridden lyrics and charismatic frontman, they dominated the alternative scene during the early 90s. This Nirvana Poster, featuring the iconic smiley face in contrasting black and yellow, sure smells like teen spirit to us. If the grunge scene was totes their thing, then they’re sure to love this more than Kurt loved Courtney.

2) Rolling Stones doormat

Have they got the moves like Jagger? Vintage rockers, the Rolling Stones are every bit as groovy now as they were at the start of their career over 50 years ago! Make sure they can always get what they want with this striking Rolling Stones Doormat. The classic lips logo takes centre stage and will make sure their entryway is truly rock n’ roll.   

3) Bowie mug

From Ziggy Stardust to the Thin White Duke, Davie Bowie had as much influence on fashion and culture as on music. If they’re fans of our fave rock and pop chameleon, they’re going to love this sweet as David Bowie Mug. For beverages as hot as he was cool.

4) Pokémon headphones

Young music fans will be all over these Pokémon Pokeball Kids Headphones like a rash. The dream combo of music and gaming, these over-ear beauties are ideal for listening to their fave tunes, watching movies and gaming, and have been restricted to 85 dB (perfect for little ears).

5) Rolling Stones Pop Art Print

Our love for pop art is almost as big as our love for one of the best bands of all time, the Rolling Stones. Wait. Are you saying there’s an art print that combines both?! This Rolling Stones Pop Art Print features not one, but nine of the Stones’ distinctive lips logos, in a colourful Warholesque style. It’s the opposite of Paint it Black.

6) Run DMC mug

Hip-hop heads will get more hyped up than Jam Master Jay on the turntables about this awesome Run DMC Mug. Featuring the unmistakable, world-renowned red and white logo, it’s the ultimate coffee break accessory. It’s like that, and that’s the way it is.

7) Guns N’ Roses Mug

I mean come on, was there ever a better hard rock band than Guns n’ Roses?! The hair! The hats! The bandanas! The tatts! They were better at accessorising than Rhianna (and that’s saying something)! We still can’t hear Knocking on Heaven’s Door without breaking out the air guitar, so what better way to celebrate ‘the most dangerous band in the world’, than with this distinctive oval Gun N’ Roses Mug, featuring the band’s iconic logo. Channel frontman Axl Rose and his sidekick Slash, and fill it with whiskey, or just.. you know…have a nice cup of tea. We won’t judge.

8) Nirvana mug and coaster

Ok, so we couldn’t stop at the poster. We love Nirvana so much that we had to fit another grunge-based gift into the list. This Nirvana Mug & Coaster Gift Set is the ultimate present for lovers of the iconic 90s band. With a chunky coffee mug in their trademark black and yellow colours and a matchy matchy cork-backed coaster, tea-breaks have never been so rock n’ roll.  

Nirvana Q & A

As a special treat for all the Nirvana fans out there we had a chat and a cuppa (in our Nirvana mug of course!) with Lawrence, our E-Commerce Assistant. at YIWI. He was lucky enough to be one of the handful of people who were at the band’s first-ever UK gig, and he told us all about it…

So Lawrence, you went to Nirvana’s first ever UK gig! Can you set tell us a little bit more about that?

Well, back in 1989 I would have been 16 years old. My friends & I are all huge music fans. Most weekends we would get the train up to London to see whatever gigs were on. It just so happened on one overcast Friday in December we decided to go see an American band called Mudhoney, who were headlining at the Astoria. If I recall it was about £6 on the door. Second on the bill was a band called Tad, and the opening act was Nirvana. They were all signed to Seattle label Sub-Pop hence the three bands on the bill. This was before the term “grunge” was common and the tour was called “Lame Fest UK”.

The name Nirvana registered as something I may have seen in the NME or Sounds but little else. From my memory it was a great show, Nirvana were playing to a largely unfamiliar audience but they soon won the crowd. I remember there being a huge amount of energy in their performance, and the melodies were catchy. 3 years later I saw Nirvana headline the Reading Festival, which turned out to be their last UK show, sadly.

So, your first experience of Nirvana was at that gig. What made you fall in love with the band?

While I discovered them at the Astoria gig, it wasn’t until Nevermind that I started buying their records. I was visiting a friend and he had just bought the album on vinyl. Within the opening minute of “Teen Spirit,” I knew this was something special. Of course, I went down to my local Our Price and bought a copy. The production was outstanding for what was at the time considered an “indie” record. There was not a bad track on the album. Unlike so much indie music at the time, these songs had killer hooks.  “Nevermind” was so clearly going to be huge, it was a seismic shift away from all the tired “hair metal” bands so popular back then (Guns n Roses, Poison, Bon Jovi etc…) and seemed to reflect the feelings and attitudes of young people at the time. I suspect it still does.

Do you still listen to Nirvana today?

Yes absolutely, I think the MTV unplugged album is phenomenal and I still like to blast out “Nevermind” in the car every now & then!