5 Gorgeous Girl Power Gifts to Celebrate Women’s History Month

History is full of brilliant and fearless women, who worked to become leaders and innovators of their time, but they haven’t always been celebrated in the same way as their male counterparts (*giving history major side eye RN).

That’s where Women’s History Month comes in. This annual event, celebrated in March, coincides with one of our fave days of the year (International Women’s Day on March 8th) and began in 1978, in California, as ‘Women’s History Day.’

The event honours all the trailblazers, changemakers, and general badass women throughout time. There’s a different theme chosen every year (this year’s is ‘Providing Healing, Promoting Hope’ – go frontline workers and carers!) and there are tons of events going on, from museum exhibits to film screenings, as well as the study of women’s achievements in schools.

If it hadn’t been for all these brilliant women, standing up for what they believed in, in the past, the world may never have been ready for the kind of amazing independent role models we have today (we’re looking at you Beyonce / Lady Gaga / Michelle Obama etc.) and that’s not a world that frankly, we want to live in.

To celebrate all the amazing women in history from Florence Nightingale to Frida Kahlo, we’ve pulled together a list of fierce, feminist gifts, for you to treat the independent ladies in your life with (or, you know, just yourself) #womenshistorymonthgoals

1) Girl power door mat

‘Girl power’ is a celebration of women’s empowerment, independence and strength and it was around long before the Spice Girls were a thing (although, we’ve still got a lot of love for the original 90s girl band too). From Elizabeth Cady Stanton (pioneer of the Women’s Rights Movement) to Amelia Earhart (first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic), girl power has been around for as long as we have. Spark a debate around Women’s History Month with this cool as hell Girl Power Door Mat – it’ll let everybody know your feminist credentials whenever they come into your house.

2) Body positive bum planter

Body positivity has always been a feminist issue. The movement isn’t a recent thing. It began back in New York in 1969 when the NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance) was created. It wasn’t until the early 2000s though, that a new generation began spreading vibes known as “body positivity” online. The original emphasis on acceptance of weight has shifted towards the message that all bodies are beautiful (we’re so feeling this). It’s exactly the kind of thing that many of the incredible females we celebrate during WHM would be behind, and with massive contemporary stars like singer Lizzo and body positive TikTok influencer Sienna Mae Gomez, out there championing the movement, it’s surely only going to blow up even more. Fill your home with beautiful bodies with this perfectly curvy Bum Planter, or how about this voluptuous Body Vase for a joyful celebration of the female form? Fill with flowers. Sit back. Enjoy.

3) Boobs iphone case

Much like the rest of our bodies, boobs come in every shape and size imaginable, and we love that. This awesome Boobs iPhone Case celebrates the beauty of the breast with its characterful illustrations and subtle pink colour. Even more body positivity = shamazing.  

4) Are you a girl boss? Quiz

The term ‘girlboss’ first became popular in 2014, after American businesswoman Sophia Amoruso used it in her bestselling autobiography. While Sophia may have popularised the term, there have been girlbosses throughout history, from esteemed scientist Marie Curie who was a pioneer in an almost entirely male industry and the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, to gender rights badass Ruth Bader-Ginsberg (the second ever woman to sit on the Supreme Court). This Are You A Girl Boss? Quiz will help you reveal the superwoman within you and your lady crew this Women’s History Month. Now go forth and smash the patriarchy!

5) Frida Kahlo Vase

Artist. Feminist. Style icon. Frida is one of our all-time favourite female rebels. Despite the harsh gender inequality of the 1900s, Frida refused to alter her appearance (her famous monobrow and faint moustache), she touched on female issues like miscarriage and breastfeeding in her paintings, and she was open about her bisexuality. Fill this Frida Terracotta Vase with an explosion of colourful blooms for the perfect tribute to her colourful style this Women’s History Month.

Check out the official International Women’s Day website to learn more about the event and what you can do to get involved.  Women of history – we salute you.