Message Boards

Whether its a note to self, a reminder for the kids, or a memo for your roomie, say it with a message board, the chic must have for the interiors junkie. From blackboards to pegboards, we’ve got it covered - the only question is, which will you choose?
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    Light Up Blackboard
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No matter how much the internet spreads its influence, no matter how many social media accounts we have, or how many hours we spend scrolling, we’re always going to want those tactile things in our lives. Because, let’s face it, writing a caption under an insta post is never going to be the same as writing a message on a chalkboard. Who is it for and how long will it last? What does your handwriting say about you? How can you adorn your message with doodles and drawings? We still value those chance moments in life, those little things that really reveal something, however small, about our characters, which is why we’ve still got space in our lives for tactile communication - and what better way to say it than with a message board?

The blackboard has been around for more years than we can imagine. A primitive writing tool, taking white chalk to black slate has allowed us to convey ideas and messages for centuries. The Light Up Blackboard blends the industry of the schoolroom with the glamour of the Hollywood dressing room, studded with shining light-bulbs to illuminate your every note and thought.

Like the vintage vibe but fancy something a little more out of the ordinary? Our pegboards channel old fashioned cinema listings and New York diner signs, for a totally stylish take on the traditional message board. Opt for minimal black and the white for a real statement, or go for the Fabric Message Board, complete with golden letters, for something a little more luxe.

Still too understand? What you need is a neon message board, so you can write your dreams in bright colours. The Small Neon Message Board features a sheet of framed glass and a selection of coloured pens, so all your messages will be worthy of a work of art! Or how about the fabulous Large Neon Light Up Message Board, which illuminates your lettering with a gorgeous glow? Write motivational messages to yourself, captions for life, mottos or funny quips - and let them bathe in a gleam of colourful neon.

These message boards also make excellent gifts - great as moving in presents or going-away gifts for the new uni starter!