Mafia Card Game

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Mafia Card Game

Think you’ve got what it takes to rule the roost? Tactically outrank your opponents by using your cards to work your way up the Mafia tree.

The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards first each round and become The Don - the last player remaining is known as The Traitor!

To start the game, all players get randomly dealt 1 card. The player with the highest-ranking card is now The Don for the first round. If any players have equal ranking cards, they are dealt a second card to settle the matter (these cards are placed back in the deck for the round to begin). If a player gets a Thief card, they can steal the value of the highest-ranking card. For the first round, there is no Traitor.

To start the round, the entire deck is dealt out evenly to all players - also deal to an extra player - the extra player’s cards will not be used this hand, but this is just so that not all cards are in play every round.

In each round, players can only touch their own cards meaning that The Traitor must shuffle and deal the cards each round (this is the least they deserve!). They must also swap the relevant cards when a player uses a Thief card (explained later). As there is no Traitor for the first round any player can deal.

At the start of each round (excluding the first round), The Traitor gives The Don their 3 best cards, and The Don swaps these with their 3 worst cards and gives them to The Traitor. The Don then goes first. They can play any card they want, but it would be wise to use this opportunity to get rid of low cards.

Each player can decide to either play a higher-ranking card or choose to pass (if the round is still in play when it comes back around to that player, they can re-join and play a card). Players can also play pairs of cards if the pair is of higher rank than the previous single card - pairs must be used from this point onwards. 3 of the same cards can be played but not if the cards have already been switched from a single to a pair already (a switch in the number of cards can only happen once per round). If The Don, The Godfather or The Don’s Momma are played after a switch in quantity – they restore the order back to a single card.

When a player uses a card and no one can outrank it, the played cards in the middle are moved aside and gameplay restarts. The player who played the high-ranking card then continues the round. When a player has played all their cards, they are now The Don, the last player to use all their cards is known as the Traitor. The Traitor must then collect all cards, shuffle and deal them out as before. Each game can last for as long as the players want, we suggest 30 minutes, but we have played for days and weeks on end (while taking sensible breaks as per the Don’s Momma’s request!).

Progress from poker chips and getaway cars, to underbosses and The Don – but don’t forget… The Don’s Momma always has the final say!

•Players: 3-6 (or 6+ with two decks)
•Age: 14+
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Number Of Players 3-6
Age Range 14+
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